Safe Prop

Safe back propping during concrete curing


The patented spring loaded attachment prevents back props from falling over during the concrete curing and post-tensioning period.

Removing the need to drill support anchors onto prop heads, or the requirement for ledger frames to stabilise back props, means the installation is quicker and easier, saving time and money. This also reduces the risk of concrete cancer and prevents contact with stressing cables, reinforcement and services. The SAFEPROP unit will support and transfer the prop loads up to 15mm deflection. Beyond 15mm deflection the SAFEPROP unit will still have the ability prevent the prop falling over (to a maximum overall deflection of 50mm).

Tested and compatible with all legs or props used in the concrete frame market. Can be used at the top or at the bottom of the prop post-tensioning period. Each SAFEPROP unit weighs 4.5kg.


  • Removes the need to drill support anchors onto prop heads
  • Quick and easy installation