TITAN Support and Universal Soldiers bridge the gap

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Project:                              C3 Bridge, Hatta Road

Location:                            Dubai, UAE

Customer:                          WBG

Product:                             Titan Support, Titan Universal Soldiers

Project completed:          March 2021


The challenge

The contractor wanted to pour the topping and form the parapet wall of a twin-span, precast concrete beam bridge. The bridge was being constructed over an existing dual carriageway. Key to the success would be minimum traffic disruption without the cost of constructing temporary relief roads.

The solution

Ischebeck Titan offered two solutions. The first utilized our bridge parapet bracket system and the second utilized our Titan Support with Titan Universal Soldiers. The contractor chose the second option.

Titan Support towers were erected either side of the traffic corridor. Universal Soldiers were bolted together to span the 9.6m between the towers. To comply with the height requirement of the corridor the Universal Soldiers could not be lower than the soffit of the bridge beams. Meeting this requirement eliminated the need for additional permits and traffic warning systems. However, it did create a tight space in which to design the falsework and formwork for the parapet.

Fortunately, the versatility of the Titan Support system enabled it to be used with T150 aluminum beams to form the parapet soffits and to provide access to form the parapet wall.

These temporary works were first completed on the northbound carriageway with a contraflow system in operation on the southbound carriageway. The opposite was done to allow the works to be completed on the southbound carriageway. Once complete the road was fully opened and the permanent works of the bridge deck topping, and the parapet walls was completed.

The result

The permanent works were completed safely and efficiently. The contractor avoided the need for additional permits, road closures and temporary relief roads. Using the Titan solution, the contractor reduced their labour costs by over 50% by saving time and requiring less staff.