TITAN Soil Nails: Temporary shoring for a basement

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Project:                                B+G+4P+21 Residential / Commercial Building

Location:                             Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, UAE

Consulting Engineers:       Bel Yoahah Architectural & Engineering Consultants

Customer:                           Atlas Foundations Co. LLC

Product:                               Titan Soil Nails

The challenge

The problems faced by the architects are the changes in car park spacing and ramp sizing, increased basement plan and conflict in basement plan and proposed shoring (one side of plot). A temporary shoring system with limited plot ingress capable of meeting deflection criteria (<40 mm) with no egress outside the plot limit is needed.

The architects and structural engineers faced a problem when the approving authorities requested the architects to increase the basement floor plan. The maximum basement excavation required was 8m below the existing ground level.

The proposed 800mm diameter contiguous pile walls had to be completely placed inside the plot boundary – which represented a significant reduction in the basement floor plan due to this proposed shoring scheme.

The solution

The consulting engineers in partnership with Ischebeck Titan came up with a hybrid solution of contiguous pile shoring and a soil nail wall to be used as the temporary ground shoring for the basement excavation. The soil nail wall had a plot ingress of only 150 mm compared to the 800 mm of the shoring pile.

The client was able to get a safe and workable shoring system for the excavation with soil nails while having minimal plot ingress – thus fulfilling the architect and approving authority’s requirement

The result

The self-drilling TITAN soil nails ensured a quick and relatively hassle-free installation and the work was completed within time and budget. A total of 210 TITAN 30/11 soil nails 1,080 LM were installed to provide shoring for one side of the plot which was 45 meters long.

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