IT500/550 Threaded Bar

High yield threaded bars


The Ischebeck Titan IT500/550 Threaded Bar is a high yield reinforcing steel, with hot rolled deformations specially designed to form a thread along the entire length of the bar. The thread is a hot rolled intermittent thread of a course pitch.

IT500/550 Threaded Bar is available in standard 12mtr lengths and can be cut to specification. The bar can be welded using techniques appropriate to steel.

IT500/550 Threaded Bar has been developed to offer a competitive and economical ground engineering system. IT500/550 Threaded Bar can be used as conventional soil nails and rock bolts, as well as tension and compression micropiles. The system can also be used in tension, as ground anchors and tie bars.


  • Continuous thread increases the bonding with surrounding environment.
  • Coarse thread and hard bar surface making it robust and less susceptible to damages.
  • Length adjustment of fully threaded steel anchors is possible by cutting. Reconnection is possible at any point with couplers.
  • High performance grades are available which allow the tendons¬†and bore holes to be of a smaller diameter.