HV Decking System

HV Panel Decking System

HV Decking System




The HV Decking System provides rapid, versatile and efficient means of casting in situ concrete decks in a wide variety of applications.

Lightweight and easy to use, the HV Decking System comprises just 3 main components and can be erected and dismantled by a team of two operatives without the need for special tools, making it one of the least labour intensive systems on the market. With all erection and dismantling undertaken from beneath the deck itself, the system minimises requirements for working at height and makes a major contribution to site safety.

The system’s modular nature simplifies the entire process, naturally creating a 1.8m grid that self sets. This simplicity in use, combined with the system’s drop-head, allows for early stripping and re-use of beams and panels, thus enhancing site productivity whilst maintaining automatic backpropping.

Versatility is also a key feature of the HV Decking System; columns, wall corners, curved walls and many other potentially problematic features can be accommodated with ease by means of simple positioning and adjustment of panels and infill beams.


  • Lightweight components facilitate rapid erection and dismantling
  • Enhances safety on site
  • Minimises labour requirements and costs
  • Self-sets to save time
  • Early stripping maximises equipment re-use
  • Single panel with GRP synthetic cover obviates need for ply
  • Continual back-propping improves productivity